When you have a Central Heating leak in your house.

The questions Lowflo ask you to determine the best method to use for leak detection:

  1. Is your system Open Vented or a Sealed/Closed System? What is difference between them: Sealed systems have an expansion vessel that absorbs the pressure as the water in the system expands due to the heat in the system. Whereas open vented systems have an expansion pipe that lets out the pressure. Open vented systems are more prone to rust in the system. … However sealed systems are more efficient. In general a Sealed system has a gauge on the boiler and the Open vented system has a tank in the attic.
  2. How quickly does the pressure drop on the gauge or does the tank ballcock keep flowing or dripping?
  3. Is there any radiators you need to bleed air out of continually?
  4. Is there any hot-spots on the floors?
  5. How long has the problem being going on?
  6. Are your floors Wooden, Tiled, Carpets or other?

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