Lowflo provides comprehensive water efficiency audit services through our team of expert specialist consultants.

We’ll start with a desktop review, by examining your consumption and water bill data. By comparing it with similar companies to yours and analysing the daily usage data, we can identify any anomalies based on peer review.

We’ll discuss and agree with you the most effective audit tools for your circumstances. These may include a variety of techniques such as data logging, underground leakage assessment, assessment of water wastage, discharge licenses, Mogden charges, process and consumption audits and pipeline tracing/mapping.

We don’t just report a list of problems, instead our experienced technical team will advise you on any remediation works required and help shape your maintenance strategy going forward.

Our objective is to save you money, rather than incur cost with no payback.

Payback is often instant, freeing up cash for investment into other water and energy saving initiatives aligned to your sustainability goals.

Actual savings can be realised from things like fixing faulty meters, faulty urinals and faucets, repairing leaks, installing rainwater harvesting, or implementing greywater recycling.

Read our case studies for real examples of how we’ve saved our clients’ money.

Lowflo can also provide onsite training and awareness days for your staff to help them conserve water in their workplace as well as at home.


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Water Bill Rebates

Where leaks, water wastage or billing errors have occurred Lowflo can resolve these with Irish Water or Northern Irish Water. Accurate billing where tenants and sub-metering exists on sites such as business parks, residential sites, shopping centres and hospitals can be very difficult to achieve and generally landlords end up paying the any shortfall in the water bills.

We have successfully recovered millions of euros in water charges in the last 3 years.

Contact the Lowflo team to see if you have the opportunity to recover overpayments on your water charges.

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We Guarantee you will speak with one
of our Engineers within 5 minutes.