Lowflo utilise experienced and reputable Engineers to undertake a successful repair of your underground leaks. Taking your business, traffic & general public in to consideration Lowflo’s repair crews are professional and highly efficient.All surrounding areas to the excavation can be protected with sheeting & barriers. Full reinstatement is done once the repair is completed and tested. As part of our repair service, Lowflo can undertake complete pipe replacements, or the installation of new mains or services.



With Lowflo’s extensive experience our plumbers can lift flooring, excavate and completely repair the leak. Then get your system back up and running.

All waste material from the excavation would be removed from site.Once the leak has been located Lowflo’s extensive plumbing experience means that we lift flooring, excavate and completely repair the leak.

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  • No disruption to supply
  • Can investigate up to 50km of pressurised pipelines
  • Can investigate up to 10+kms open /gravity sewer and stormwater pipes
  • Inspects pipe sizes ranging from DN 150 – DN 3000 (open sewers DN 150 – DN 3000)
  • No pre-cleaning of pipelines is required (including sewers)
  • Records optical HD image quality CCTV for post examination
  • High sensitivity leak detection to the smallest leaks
  • Allows for demand-oriented cleaning of sewers only at points with large deposits and where it is necessary
  • Records visual details such as installation fittings, connectors, peaks, low points and damage
  • A self-floating device (for sewer)
  • Self-levelling device (for pressurised pipes)
  • Provides continuous data from inside a pipeline
  • An optical HD camera provides for visual and audible  signals of images for recording and analysing

Central heating leaks are not only frustrating for home owners, they also cause water damage to the property and deterioration of your central heating system. The water leak detection methods Lowflo uses can locate central heating leaks and underfloor heating leaks whether an open vented system or a closed system. By employing Lowflo leak detection you can quickly identify the leak location before any excavation takes place. Our service reduces disruption to your home and minimises the costs of reinstatement. Once the leak repair is completed we can test the system to ensure no other leaks exist, giving the client peace of mind.

Currently Irish Water should repair any mains water leak for free on the First Fix Scheme. You must register with Irish Water to avail of the first fix free offer. CLICK on this Link to read more: Where Irish Water will not carry out the leak repair, Lowflo can oblige and find hidden leaks on lead, copper, iron, steel, asbestos and plastic water supply pipes. Using the latest leak detection technology, repair the leak and ensure you have no other leaks on your property.

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