Reservoir Surveys

Lowflo’s Reservoir Survey & Leak Detection services consist of a full inspection both visually and non-invasively utilising technically advanced NDT equipment. Inspection surveys are necessary to assess the integrity of the structure and to prevent surfaces in contact with water from deteriorating or breaking down without being noticed.

Typical Reservoir Surveying includes:

  • Measurement and structural assessments
  • Structural drawing
  • In-situ compressive strength of concrete;
  • Corrosion studies of embedded reinforcement;
  • Crack investigations and assessment
  • Permeability
  • In-situ quality of the concrete
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity surveys
  • Assessment of deterioration mechanisms
  • Chemical and laboratory investigations
  • Diamond coring
  • Coating inspection
  • In-situ thickness measurements
  • Adhesion testing
  • ROV Underwater Camera 

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Reservoir Leak Detection and Repair

Lowflo offer a complete Reservoir Leak Detection service using dive crews professionally trained in confined space entry and under water leakage and repairs. Decontamination protocols are enacted prior to any diver or equipment entering the tank using a solution of sodium hydrochlorite. Diver’s complete this task using a food grade fine particulate material in a squeeze bottle and meticulously follow floor joints to mark the location of leaks and apply the approved epoxy via hand trowel into located leak areas. Cable management is of particular importance as diver’s need to navigate around structural pylons, supporting the structure, to perform the inspection and repairs.

Reservoir Refurbishment

Lowflo provides detailed reports on the internal and external condition of the reservoir as part of our initial survey works. These reports include the initial assessment of the reservoir and list out recommendations on any works required to bring the structure up to a standard (BS8558).

When hydrolytic corrosion occurs on internal surfaces, this can lead to concrete and steel corrosion and leakage of treated water, resulting increased risk of bacteria.

Lowflo’s refurbishment of reservoirs and towers can results in significant improvements in water quality, prevention of water leakage and consequential cost reduction in chemical dosage of water.

Typical refurbishment includes:

  • High Pressure Cleaning & Chlorination to BS8558 Standards
  • Certification to BS8558 Standards
  • Complete Internal External Condition Survey & Reports
  • Structural Testing Department
  • Complete refurbishment using DWI approved products
  • Roof repairs & protective linings
  • Complete upgrading complying to S.I. 278 of 2007 Standards
  • Emergency leakage repairs
  • Internal ladders & platform replacement
  • Access ladders, handrail, vents & hatch replacement
  • Overburden excavation and replacement
  • Erection of security fencing


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We Guarantee you will speak with one of our Engineers within 5 minutes.

1800 220 220

We Guarantee you will speak with one
of our Engineers within 5 minutes.