By optimising the flow and pressure within your network or facility, water consumption and water leakage can be kept to a minimum. The potential savings from smart water management can be significant. However, having precise flow and pressure information is essential in understanding how your water network is performing and how savings can be achieved.

Effective data capture and scrutiny helps make informed decisions on service levels, regulatory compliance, capital investment requirements and determine an accurate return on investment.

Lowflo utilises remote data capture systems and web-based data storage to ensure quality control and auditable data on site activity, logger installations and installation photographs.

Data Logging

Lowflo provides skilled personnel to install, interrogate and analyse data attained from flow and pressure surveys.

We have amassed significant experience of using GPRS and SMS technology, having installed and undertaken maintenance on a substantial number of flow and pressure monitoring locations.

We have also planned and deployed significant field tests associated with hydraulic models and maintenance projects involving flow, pressure and water tank depth surveying.

Lowflo can supply hundreds of specialist flow and pressure monitoring data loggers where large projects necessitate.

Flow Measurement

Lowflo can utilise existing metering systems, provide complete replacement or temporarily install ultrasonic flow measurement devices (clamp-on flow meters) to successfully obtain relevant information.

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Pressure Management

Industrial customers with large scale networks and substantial water use in their processes can save money through a pressure management programme and reduce the risk of burst pipes causing operational issues

Installing a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) can quickly result in substantial reductions in leakage and excessive water use. In most cases the PRV is self-financing, given the offset of treated water delivery costs. In addition to reduced losses from leakage, savings may also be realised from reduced pumping frequencies, lower consumption and decreased water main burst frequency.

Lowflo offers a comprehensive programme of assessment, design, installation and maintenance of PRVs including evidence of potential savings.

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