Water Metering Systems

Lowflo provides real world, proven metering solutions using Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) as well as remote metering systems for water, gas, electric and heat utilities.

Lowflo provides a cloud-based meter data management for water, gas and heat meters. Using software-as-a-service, we deliver leading edge data management tools to companies without the need for costly infrastructure at every site.

Please contact us about our low cost online metering systems suitable for 1-5 meters.

Handling High Volume Data

As meter reading technology advances, the volume of data available from meters is increasing by several orders of magnitude. Using Lowflo’s modern internet based repository, you’ll have a seamless path to scale and meet the needs of the ever-increasing volume of data, without the need to maintain and replace expensive locally-installed servers and software.

Our systems can integrate with most water meter manufacturers: Sensus, Itron/Actaris, Sappel/HYdrometer, Bonyto, Elster, ABB, Siemens and many more.

AMR and AMI Integration

Lowflo integrates several leading Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technologies to deliver a truly modern Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) down to very small scale networks.

We provide our customers with comprehensive Energy Management Systems (EnMS) that are intuitive and easy to use by all levels and skillsets, ideal for Energy Monitoring and Management.

Our customers include Commercial Building Operators, Retail, Commercial and Government offices, Universities and Colleges, Manufacturing Industry, Transport industries, Telecommunications and Military who are world leading implementers of ISO 50001.


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1800 220 220

We Guarantee you will speak with one
of our Engineers within 5 minutes.