The PIPA® platform offers a variety of solutions for water and wastewater pipelines, including leak and air pocket detection, inline CCTV and pipeline pre-commissioning, providing a precise level of internal and site detail for pipeline operators.

PIPA have pioneered none-disruptive pressurised water main CCTV, Acoustic and NDT condition assessment technologies for utility and private sector companies.

With Lowflo’s Non-Disruptive Pressurised Water Main HD CCTV technology we can give the client a true representation of what is happening within their pipeline such as:

  • Assess Pipe Wall Condition
  • Condition of Internal Lining
  • Assess Tuberculation Levels
  • Identify Internal Pitting/ Corrosion
  • Inspection of Pipe Joints/ Fittings
  • Confirm Pipeline Materials
  • Locate Blockages and Defects

Using tracing equipment combined with the with our HD CCTV system we can accurately locate:

  • Lost or illegal service connections
  • Locate lost/buried valves
  • Check how on line valves are performing
  • Accurately pinpoint lateral connections
  • Air pockets
  • Changes in pipe material, and other fittings such as reducers etc

Live Water Main Inspection Systems

Hydrocam™ Water Pipe CCTV Inspection System

Fully pressure rated (10 Bar) camera system with seal arrangement and recording station for video capture and encoder text overlay.

Suitable in pipe sizes 80mm and above. This system consists of a detachable 35mm high definition self-levelling colour camera head – with scratch proof sapphire lens glass; high intensity, white LED lighting; a range of centralising skids and a robust coiler frame – with 100m of 12mm semi-rigid push rod. This connects to a Compact Control Box – a rugged military spec box that has an integrated 10.5″ flat screen monitor and touch pad controls and records directly on to portable memory USB drive.

The Pipepod Flowrider™

The Pipepod Flowrider™ leakage platform tool can offer a 2km survey distance from a single deployment.

The leakage platform technology can be deployed up to 2000 metres with positive flow and can work under a wide variety of flow conditions. The unique and compact capsule is configured with an ultra-high response hydrophone sensor for precise inspections.
Unlike conventional leak detection systems the Pipepod Flowrider™ can successfully detect leaks in all pipe materials, and is not pipe size dependant. The unique capsule can be inserted into all pipes 4-inch diameter and above.

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System Set up

The Pipepod™ insertion chamber is installed onto a DN50 or DN80 valve or via a through bore style fire hydrant. The insertion point may also be a strategically installed riser, direct tapping or removed air release valve point with a minimum of 1.5 inch entry.

The isolation valve is opened and the Pipepod™ capsule is inserted into the pipeline until the water flow starts to move the capsule. The distance encoder is reset and the recording begins.

The survey is undertaken as required and the system is retracted utilising a self-stacking manual winch. The capsule is then removed for data download.

The recorded data is then analysed in a controlled environment to determine any acoustic interest detected. The distance can then be calculated from the entry point to determine accurate leak location.

During a leakage survey, several leaks can accurately be identified with one single leakage sweep of the technology.

The unique Pipepod™ Flowrider system can offer:

  • Accurate long distance leak detection
  • Detection of entrapped gas and air pockets
  • Identify pipe implosion points
  • Not size or material dependant
  • Low pressure leaks identified at 0.5 Bar

Lowflo also offer NDT testing on pipework – CLICK HERE

Similar to the technology used by JD7 and Sahara CCTv and Acoustic we can deploy the PIPA system in smaller pipe sizes and doesn’t require excess flow rates to get surveys completed in trunk mains.

Our technology allows reports to be issued quickly after completing the survey to allow clients to plan any necessary remedial works.

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