Pipeline Condition Assessment

Lowflo’s Test and Inspect division offers a range of pipeline assessment, management and maintenance services for all types of pipe materials.

Water pipelines are a vital piece of every utility’s infrastructure. Pipeline problems can be expensive to rectify and cause severe disruption to services.

Lowflo offer a range of assessment and maintenance services for all types of pipes. Lowflo teams are fully trained to carry out a one stop survey comprising: topographical survey, flow/pressure tests, pipe preparation, non-destructive testing, drill/tapping, pipe coupon extraction, valve installation, CCTV, acoustic and water quality sampling. This provides Lowflo clients with and effective, complete and unique service to the industry.

Services include:

  • Long and Short Range – Acoustic Leak Detection Services
  • Pipeline Camera Inspections
  • Live Drilling and Tapping
  • Ultrasonic non-destructive pipeline testing 
  • Coupon Sampling Services

Technologies include: P-Cat, JD7, Sahara and PIPA CCTV and Acoustic Inspection, Hyram  to name a few.


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