Conducting Flow and load surveys is the only way to determine precisely both the hydraulic and chemical/biological load that’s entering a local wastewater treatment plant or your own treatment plant/sewer.

Lowflo has vast experience at carrying out these surveys for a range of different clients including local authorities, industrial and pharmaceutical plants.

We are confined space trained, including breathing apparatus, to ensure our team fully equipped and working safely. All our equipment is fully calibrated and manholes are evaluated pre-survey to evaluate any risks associated with our work.

We have conducted flow and load surveys all over the Ireland for many years so are well experienced in waste water flow measurement, spot or composite sampling, collection and analysis.

After collection of flow and load data, we will issue a full detailed report including loading figures for several parameters including BOD, COD, SS etc. including flow pattern information to assess the high loading periods of the day.

Hydraulic Modelling

On large networks, flows predicted by any hydraulic model are verified by this type of flow & load survey. When the model is verified our clients assess the performance of the network under a assortment of flow conditions, establish pipe capacities and predict surcharges in the network.

We use a range of ISCO effluent monitoring equipment that are ideally suited for effluent discharge license requirements and loss management studies.

  • Open channel flowmeters and waste water samplers
  • Wastewater flow meters, flumes and weirs
  • Flow and Load surveys equipment
flow and load survey flow meter 2
flow and load survey flow meter
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We Guarantee you will speak with one
of our Engineers within 5 minutes.