3M Electronic Marker System

The 3M Electronic Marker System (EMS) consists of durable, passive markers that can be buried over key facilities during construction or used to mark existing facilities during maintenance. The 1420E-iD transmits an RF signal to the buried marker. The marker reflects the signal back to the locator, and the location is indicated with both a visual meter reading and an audible tone.

EMS iD ball markers can be programmed to include customer-specific information such as facility data, type of application, material type and size, placement date and other important details. Programming is performed using the 1420E-iD locator. Details from up to 100 iD markers can be stored with a date/time stamp and can then be transmitted to a PC through a standard RS232 port.

The 3M Dynatel Electronic Marker System (EMS) Marker Locator 1420E-iD is a microprocessor-based system that incorporates advanced digital signal processing techniques to quickly and efficiently locate underground facilities – even years after construction or maintenance.


  • Pinpoint the location of all existing models of properly installed underground passive and active EMS markers.
  • Estimate the depth of passive EMS markers.
  • Direct depth reading of iD markers.
  • Locate two marker frequencies simultaneously.
  • Read/write capability to store and retrieve user facility data into iD ball-markers.
  • Real-time mapping of marker placement when used in conjunction with selected GPS mapping instruments.

PDF of Technical Specifications