Listening Stick

Stainless steel Diaphragm Listening Sticks incorporating sound enhancing chamber for improved sound resonance, complete with larger ear piece and protective rubber cover. Available as single or three piece construction 4ft and 5ft lengths with straight or angled head.

Wooden Listening Sticks
Sounding Sticks turned from wood are still the preferred tool of many Watermen, these basic, cost effective sticks are a regularly used product from the Lowflo leak detection equipment range.

Diaphragm Listening Sticks
Handy 8″ long pocket type stethoscopes of stainless steel and plastic construction for close direct sounding of pipework, also available are complimentary single or three piece stainless steel extension rods of .5mtr and 1.25mtr lengths as attachments to the pocket stethoscope for remote or indirect sounding