SMART Log – Data Logging AMR

With ever increasing pressures on energy and water resources, more and more utility companies are looking to AMR as a means of limiting growth in demand, reducing customer complaints, eliminating estimated bills, detecting and mitigating leakage and ultimately reducing wastage. In the past this required 24/7 monitoring and control only offered by fixed network AMR systems.

Unlike a conventional walk-by or drive-by AMR device the Smart Log can be used to emulate the characteristics of a fixed network and hence to monitor and control consumption of water, monitor for leakage, be used to enforce drought restrictions, be used to apply rising block tariffs, be used to apply seasonal tariffs, reduce utility costs due to change of occupancy, plus detect and record the time and duration of customer meter fraud.


  • Low cost alternative to fixed network.
  • Installation is not limited by the availability of infrastructure or cell phone coverage.
  • 1-year’s data storage capacity at 30-minute samples.
  • Fast, 2-way, secure data download via wireless data link.
  • Fully submersible.
  • Compatible with reed switch, electronic pulse encoders and flow turbines.
  • Compatible with in-reader to be placed inside premises.
  • Data fully check-sum protected and 100% secure.

PDF of Technical Specification

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