Under Pressure Drilling and Hot-Tapping

Our under-pressure drilling process establishes a connection to an existing pipeline whilst it remains operational

Under pressure drilling capabilities range from of ¼” to 24”

Why Use Under-Pressure Drilling:

  • Access to pipework for live CCTV inspections
  • New Branch Connections
  • Installation or replacement of Fire Hydrants
  • Installation or replacement of Air Valves
  • Over ground bypass during rehabilitation works

Under pressure drilling comprises of fitting a t-junction or saddle/strap to the watermain. Installing an isolation valve to a short section of the pipeline. Once this isolation valve is fitted, the drilling head is installed to the flange. Once the drilling is completed, the valve is shut and the drilling rig removed. The system is then ready for a new live connection.

Pipe Coupon Extraction

For coupon extractions, a specialist cutting saw is used to cut a circular coupon from the pipe. The coupon size can vary depending on pipe diameter and the requirements of the customer. The cutting head and tapping machine are retracted from the pipe and coupons are be tested and inspected in a pipe laboratory.

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Under Pressure Drilling key benefits include:

  • No interruption to customers or supply
  • No water contamination issues
  • No drain down time
  • No planning works for reconfiguring supply to customers
  • Rapid installation
  • No customer warning (System not being depressurised)

There are generally two connection options:

Sacrificial – using a fitting that is left in place providing a permanent connection into the pipeline

Temporary – making a temporary connection to drill and tap thus providing a choice of installation e.g. ferrule, quadrina tapping or plug and coupon

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We Guarantee you will speak with one
of our Engineers within 5 minutes.