The ChronoFLO Rugged Transit Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter uses advanced digital techniques to achieve stable flow measurements even in difficult conditions and on most pipe materials. Two different transducers are available that cover pipe sizes from 15mm to 100mm and from 5omm to 2m.

The long battery life of this unit (80 hours) makes it ideal for those temporary flow measurements’ where the unit has to be left for periods of time. The unit can also be installed on a permanent or semi-permanent basis using mains power. The meter displays volumetric flow rate, in both directions, and has a totaliser that displays the net flow in both directions. An optional thickness gauge measures the pipe wall thickness.


  • Same unit on a wide range of pipe sizes.
  • Only two transmitters cover 19mm to 2000mm range.
  • Non invasive measurement.
  • No pressure loss.
  • No risk of leakage.
  • No disruption of plant operation.
  • Hygienic integrity.
  • No fluid contact.

PDF of Technical Specifications 

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