Leakfrog provides an innovative and highly effective method of detecting Customer Side Leakage (CSL) by monitoring the minimum flow rate. The low cost device can be quickly connected to a pulsed output meter and displays the maximum time between pulses. The reasons for unexpected water usage can then be investigated, leading to reduced water consumption.

No programming is required during installation, and the long battery life means that the unit can be deployed permanently if required. Clips directly onto an Elster V210 meter but can also be connected to all pulse meters with additional pulse lead.


  • Enables water to be saved by identifying leakage and wastage.
  • Improves customer service by reducing property damage caused by undetected leaks.
  • Enables total water balance within a District Meter Area (DMA).
  • Enables reporting and compliance targets to be met.
  • Allows capital deferment.
  • Increases security of supply.
  • Improves conservation performance.

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