The Xmic is an advanced, electronic ground microphone designed to amplify the noise generated by water escaping from buried supply pipes under pressure. Identifying the position of the loudest leak noise indicates the position of the actual leak itself. The system comprises of a lightweight portable amplifier module complete with battery charger, a pair of aviation quality headphones and an acoustically shielded ground microphone foot.

Minumum (noise) Level Profiling (MLP). The easy-to-use advanced features of the Xmic enable the operator to pinpoint leaks faster and with more confidence than ever before. In MLP mode (when sampling) the Xmic records the lowest level in the last three seconds (the background leak noise), and builds a visual graph of these levels.


  • Simple (one button) or manually selectable filters.
  • Multi-function display showing:
    • Noise Level (graphically and digitally)
    • Dynamical sensitivity (signal strength)
  • Improved Sound Quality.
  • Levels of leak noise can be recorded for comparison in a histogram profile (MLP).
  • IP65 enclosure with mil-spec connectors.
  • A pair of good quality headphones.

PDF of Technical Specification