Water Warrior – Waterless Urinals

Waterless Urinals – The Water Warrior

Urine is made of 99% water – so why pay for water to flush urinals

Lowflo have reviewed and trialed the many options for reducing urinal water consumption and have now chosen the outstanding technology in its field. The Water Warrior is a waterless urinal system, retrofitting to existing bowls or for new installations and is proven from 15 years of operation in the UK and made by the leading plumbing device manufacturers, McAlpine plumbing in Glasgow.  The Aviva Stadium at  Landsowne Road is the first facility to install the system in ireland.

WATER WARRIOR (Waterless Urinals) – How it Works?

The Water Warrior eliminates the need for water thus converting your existing urinal in a waterless system.  Using a combination of a multi-microbe cartridge,  one-way dry trap and a quarterly service – the Water Warrior will eliminate the need for water, reduce blockages and greatly improve the washroom experience. 

How much will it save ? 

A urinal flushes on average four times an hour, using between 3 and 8 litres of water per flush. On average, this consumes over 200,000 litres of water per urinal. Costs of addressing blockages and urinal blocks are also eliminated.   

Any other benefits? 

Aside from fitting to your existing urinal, saving water, reducing blockages, eliminating occurance of malodours, not using urinal / bio blocks and removing harmful chemical from our waterways – the Water Warrior warrior does not use the tradional u bend trap which can be breeding grounds for bio material.   Eliminating urinal water consumption will also contribute to bodies seeking ISO 14001 acreditation. 

Click below to view our brochure or visit the website Water Warrior.com for further information.